Miranda Gamel: Desert Flower


Born and raised in the small town of Queen Creek, AZ, Miranda Gamel was exposed to art early on in her life, her father a graphic designer and her mother a painter, Gamel has always dreamed about being an artist. Shortly after high school, Miranda worked as an administrator at the Milan Institute in Queen Creek, AZ and went on to take an opportunity to participate in a masters program at the institute. Since then, her artwork has flourished and truly shown for themselves what a talented artist Gamel has become.



Making her transition from pencil illustration to painting, color was originally a concept that Gamel struggled with. However, her unique use of color within her paintings is now their defining quality. When asked to describe the style of her paintings, Gamel explains her style as “abstract realism.” 

Gamel’s paintings often include elements of femininity and nature; she especially enjoys painting women’s faces because of the “subtle features” that evoke a raw sense of emotion. When asked what her goal is when creating art, Gamel replied by saying that she simply wants to make people “feel something,” and just by taking a quick glance at her artwork, it is obvious that she has achieved that goal. 

Check out more of Gamel's work at MirandaGamel.com

*All photos taken and edited by Kassandra Ramirez