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Speak into the Mic with Emily Saunders

Kassandra Ramirez

My favorite thing about art is its ability to speak to many souls, saying something different to each individual.  While searching for a stand-out artist to feature on the visual arts section of our blog, I came across a unique and talented artist who spoke to my inner creative. 

I was instantly captivated by Emily Saunders' (@EJ_Illustration on IG) work because of her preferred color palette. Leaning more towards warm tones, Saunders does not shy away from using saturated colors to create bold and other-worldy pieces. Originally from Toronto, Emily Saunders stands out in…

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Speak into the Mic with Joshua Roman

Kassandra Ramirez

Being a visual artist and curator for Contagion's visual arts blog, I am constantly observing my environment and the web for unique creators whose work inspires me to take my own creations to the next level. Simply scrolling down my feed on Instagram, I came across Joshua Roman's piece, "Just Breathe," and was left in awe. His beautiful piece truly took my breathe away. 

Based in California, Joshua Roman undoubtedly breaks artistic boundaries with his intriguing use of vibrant lines and swirls. Creating in the style of Figurative Realism, Roman takes viewers to a different dimension. With art displayed in galleries from Portugal to New York, I see Roman's art quickly capturing…

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