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Our Team

Contagion Media’s team includes filmmakers, photographers, musicians, actors, models, designers, writers, and many more creative artists, directly available for hire directly through our website! Located in Arizona and growing.


Our Team

Contagion Media is composed of multifaceted artists who specialize in various forms of creation. With a team consisting of photographers, filmmakers, digital designers, musicians, writers and so much more, we still maintain an intense desire for growth. Read below to find out more about artists on our team.

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Kassandra Brissette Ramirez

Kassandra Ramirez, also known as "KBR," is a photographer, filmmaker, and musician born and raised in the valley of Arizona. Ramirez is the founder of and Director of Photography for Contagion Media. She aims to spend her life dedicated to the arts.


Nouhoum "Banu" SamaKé

Nouhoum Samaké, also known as "Banu," is a multi-talented media artist. Samaké specializes in film and music, particularly the rap genre. Banu's newly released EP, I.I., is available on SoundCloud now.


Michael Schuette

Michael Schuette is the leader of videography for Contagion Media. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Creative Media and Film at Northern Arizona University and specializes in creating short films and documentaries.

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Lana Muhammad

Lana Muhammad has a strong talent for writing and serves as Deputy Director of the Writing for Contagion Media. Lana is currently helping to create material for the Contagion blog.




Steve Hurley

As the Director of Fashion and Deputy Directory of Design for Contagion Media, Steve is intensely devoted to the visual arts. He desires to create work that is unique and visually striking every time.



Connor Whitt is a videographer, music producer, and event planner from Half Moon Bay, California. Whitt also specializes in flyer distribution. Whitt has a passion for rap music and keeps up to date with underground rap. Whitt will one day be a well-known videographer, promoter, and producer within the underground rap scene. Bet on it.


Eva Castro

Evangelina Castro, aka Eva, is a makeup artist, model, actress, but most importantly she is a mother. She is passionate about all makeup and specializes in special effects makeup and glamour makeup. She aspires to turn her dream-career into a reality through Contagion Media. 



DoubleDee is a DJ/Producer duo hailing from the great state of Arizona. Nicknamed "Your local party boys," DoubleDee focuses on bringing a refreshing take on electronic music.