Meet Our Writers

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Jacob blieu


As Editor-in-Chief for Contagion Media, Jacob is responsible for all editing and also contributes heavily to the content being released throughout the blog's sections. Particularly dedicated to music journalism and poetry, Blieu drops new music recommendations, artist interviews and poems daily.


Lana muhammad

Deputy Director / Staff Writer

Lana serves as our blog's Deputy Director and is largely responsible with keeping our audience updated on the movements and backgrounds of our variously talented Contagion artists. As a writer, Lana enjoys crafting short stories and pieces of emotional expression or celebration.


Sophie rabb

Staff Writer

The newest writer to our staff, Sophie Rabb, sees herself as an all around writer, but specializes in poetry. However, being a deaf woman, Sophie uses her platform to craft societal think pieces from her point of view and travel pieces about her adventures around the world.