Music services

       Many artists on our team are multi-talented and heavily involved in writing, producing, and performing music.  We provide various music services perfect for all clients striving for material that leaves a lasting impression. With collaboration being a main element in our mission, our artists seek to create music that will appeal to all audiences. Read more about our talented musicians and services. We also offer music video cinematography.

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Many of our artists in different genres perform at music festivals and concerts throughout Arizona and are constantly creating new material.

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DJ Services

We provide DJ services for music festivals, concerts, and events. DoubleDee and FreakWhenSee both performed at Dark Sky electric!

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Many of our artists produce in various forms! Our artists create rap, EDM, indie, alternative, rock, and blues music and would like to experiment more with music.



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Several of our artists write their own music and collaborate on lyrics for artists not yet confident in their writing skills, but confident in performing.