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MastodonRare Delivers on the Highly Anticipated, Guilty Gear EP


MastodonRare Delivers on the Highly Anticipated, Guilty Gear EP

Jacob Blieu

Local favorite, and consistent hitmaker, MastodonRare delivers yet another excellent collection of songs with his latest EP, Guilty Gear. With his high energy sound and lyrical content sure to appease even the most critical of listeners, MastodonRare takes himself to a new level across these five tracks. Opening on what may be one of his strongest songs to date, “Aquarius” finds Mastodon in his bag as he crafts a melodic track, fueled with relatable lyrics about his journey towards a dream while maintaining what makes him who he is, that is guaranteed to have you singing along by the second play.

He keeps the momentum up throughout the rest of the tape with the help of a couple other stand-outs, including lead single, “Fun”, and previously released track, “Westside, Do or Die”. Both of these songs further demonstrate the ability of MastodonRare to create a track that immediately pull you in and leaves your neck sore from the headbanging that’s impossible to escape. On top of lyrical ability and a flow that is purely true to him, Mastodon has this ability to pick beats that perfectly compliments his style in a way that very few smaller acts can match.

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