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IDK is a Force to be Feared on "WHY?"


IDK is a Force to be Feared on "WHY?"

Jacob Blieu

One of my favorite new artists remixed one of my favorite songs and it’s fucking sweeeeet. DMV rapper, IDK comes in hot with a new take on 50 Cent’s classic track, “Wanksta”. On “WHY?” (the remixed version of the 2002 hit) IDK reuses the hook and supports it with endless bars that perfectly capture the raw energy originally delivered by 50 over a decade ago, while separating himself as a whole other beast. While walking through the streets of New York, IDK once again proves why he’s one of the best lyricist out right now and should be shown the highest levels of respect as he absolutely demolishes the groove inducing production like it was made for him and him alone.

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