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King Krule is Powerful in His New Video For, "Biscuit Town"

Riley Tiernan

Oh King Krule, how I enjoy you so. 

Archie Marshall's persona as King Krule has never let me down. Ever since I first heard his debut album, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, at fifteen, I have been hooked on his surprisingly deep voice, unique accent and soul-catching instrumentals. I have even gone so far as to drive across state lines just to see him perform. His songs consistently grab you from beginning to end, and in his albums he is able to tell great stories. Between his debut and his sophomore album, The Ooz, Krule has become undoubtably and fervently one of my favorite artists currently making music. 


"Biscuit Town" - the song in question - is the first track off of King Krule's sophomore project, which was released about eleven months ago. To finally have a video to pair to this song is such a relief. I desperately await new content from this artist and he has once again brought me something I would have to struggle not to pay attention too. He absolutely nails the feeling of mystique that "Biscuit Town" creates through noir-like directorial and editorial choices. 

Listening to King Krule is such a fun time on top of everything. Even though this song has some darker tones and themes, I can't help but sing along with a subtle smile on my lips and want to dance in spite of its melancholy vibes. Although we had to wait almost a year for this video, I am so glad that he is waiting to put things out until they can be done so right. His visuals are astounding and his charm is absolutely unbeatable. 

Now go watch this video, and then listen to his whole discography because you will be hooked. Thank you me later!