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MANWOLVES - "Reaper"


MANWOLVES - "Reaper"

Riley Tiernan

Indie-Rock with a flow. On their new track, “Reaper”, MANWOLVES delivers what today's Indie fans are looking for. The track starts out with a funky guitar riff that launches straight into a vibrantly vocal-driven hook. As the song continues, we get a delightful verse that contains lyrical darkness shrouded by the upbeat tempo of the track overall. “Reaper” eventually takes a tonal shift, and we are presented with a more Hip-Hop-esque performance against the heavily indie production, reminiscent of Rex Orange County.  

On the video side of things, MANWOLVES transforms their musical themes to visual with precision. As the story goes, a man is living day-to-day life alongside Death, and while the song progresses into a more reflective piece, the video mirrors the whimsically dark narrative of the original song. The video allows you to live alongside MANWOLVES, and see their struggles as they walk through the world around them.  

Making a good song into a video that carries on a feeling is no easy task, but MANWOLVES pulls it off. “Reaper” has something in it for the indie kids, the hip-pop fanatics, and even the kids just looking for something new. Check out the video above, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!