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Speak into the Mic: bennett


Speak into the Mic: bennett

Jacob Blieu


bennett is the embodiment of the return of R&B into the mainstream. With artists like SZA, Daniel Caeser and H.E.R. bringing a fresh interest to a new generation of fans, the genre is ready for artists like bennett to storm into the spotlight and make a name for themselves. Her voice, paired with strong songwriting abilities, proves that she is one that must be watched as she continues to grow her catalog. Keep an eye out and an ear open for more work to come from her over the next few months.

Keep reading below to hear some of her tunes and get to know her better.

How was music introduced to you as more than just something on the radio?

I've always loved listening to music. The first time it was introduced to me as more than something on the radio was in 5th grade when I started playing the trumpet. I think being able to play an instrument is when I realized how much I actually loved music and from there I taught myself other instruments to compliment my singing (piano, guitar, ukulele). Music took over most of my free time from that point on, whether it was listening, playing or singing.

You've embraced an R&B style, what about it drew you towards this sound?

R&B is my one of my favorite genres to listen to, so when I began creating my own music it was inevitable that I would embrace an R&B sound because I try to make music that I myself would listen to. Not just what others would want to hear.

Do you ever experience writer's block? And if so, how do you work through it?

I haven't really experienced writer's block yet, I think because I'm just getting started and I have so many ideas I've been holding onto for so long. I'd actually say I have the opposite problem, where I have too many ideas that sometimes I have to step away from writing to organize all my thoughts. But if I do ever experience writer's block I think it's best to take a break because you never want to force or rush your art.

Across any time, genre or medium, who would you want to work with the most?

I spent so long trying to come up with one person and I can't so I'd have to say Amy Winehouse, The Weekend, Stevie Wonder and Frank Ocean.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

I have a notebook of song lyrics and ideas I'm constantly writing in. When I come across a beat I like and I'm in the mood to create I'll usually pick an idea out of the notebook, piece together some lyrics and come up with a melody. I always write about the way I'm feeling, it tends to be therapeutic and people have reached out to me and said they can relate to some of my lyrics which makes this even more rewarding

What separates you from the other artists in your scene?

I don't try to be anything I'm not and my art comes from the heart. I love music more than anything theres nothing else I see myself doing and nothing else I'd rather do.

You've done a couple covers now, what makes you choose the songs that you do?

When I decide to release a cover I usually just choose whichever song has been stuck in my head recently.

Any new music on the way?

Definitely new music on the way. Not sure when it will be dropped because I don't want to rush anything, but there is definitely new content coming!

Follow here on Twitter: @asvpbennett or Instagram: @asapbennett and keep updated on what she's got going on!