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20 POUNDS - 20 (Side A)


20 POUNDS - 20 (Side A)

Jacob Blieu


The long anticipated group project from PHX located collective, 20 POUNDS, has finally arrived! At eight tracks and 27 minutes long, 20 POUNDS doesn't let off the gas for even a second, bringing you along with them on a journey through adolescence and finding themselves. Coming on the tail of two incredible singles, "EYE OF THE STORM" (whose video can be found here) and "LIE TO ME", 20 (Side-A) doesn't fail to match the hype. Riddled with quotable one-liners and a vibe perfect for early mornings or late nights, it's impossible to not want to roll one up and bump it non-stop.

While every member of the crew goes off, two stand out from the rest of the pack. Emcee Shrub Head is the first with a stunning display of growth as an artist. He's regularly been featured here as an artist to watch and I'm glad to say he's lived up to the title well. Delivering some of the most memorable moments on the tape, it's hard to deny him his props. The other artist who really stepped up to the plate was producer, Nawlidge Nick. Taking most of the placements on the debut, Nick is able to give us the classic 20 POUNDS traditional vibe without ever becoming dull. 

Make sure you go check this one out right now and you can thank me later!

standout tracks: "EYE OF THE STORM" , "SKELLY" , "TELL ME" ft. DALI and "MY NAILS"