Blieu's Playlist: "i dont wanna do anything anymore, im scared" by shrimp

Welcome back to another round of Blieu's Playlist! If you're new to reading our blog let me catch you up, see I am constantly searching the internet for new stuff to listen to and I need a place to keep track of some of the stuff I come across, this is that place.

This time around it is the fantastic new release from shrimp, a SoundCloud crooner who has found his sweet spot in the goth rap scene. "i don't wanna do anything anymore, im scared", is the perfect record to be played during any late night solo smoke sesh, as thoughts about life and loss flash through your mind. His subdued style reflects the restrained emotions of a man in flux, grappling with finding himself amongst the chaos of the world.

Seriously gotta go check this one out for yourselves though.