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Contagion Radio


Contagion Radio

Jacob Blieu

Here at Contagion Media, many of our members are musicians by trade. From EDM to Rap to Indie, our talented crew does it all and does it well. With some of our members having played at our very own, Dark Sky Electric EDM event, and more concerts to come soon from our artists, I figured today would be perfect to start sharing one song from our roster a week with all of you lovely people.

It's time to turn the the spotlight onto the many that work behind the scenes to make what we do a possibility, so let's go.

Cap'n : Banu

Our first featured song is, "Cap'n" by our very own Banu. With his slow, but hitting flow as he opens up the track on the hook, Banu is able to pull you into the song before exploding as the beat drops into place. He quickly let's you know he's in charge of the song and struts all over the ZUUS production, that seems to be tailored made for Banu's delivery. It perfectly sets him up to take on the rest of his debut tape, I.I., from 2017.

Standout lines:                                                                                                                            "Suave like Johnny Bravo/ Steady spittin in staccato/ Getting wavy like vibrato/ Bravado, nigga the motto/ Isn't is so evident/ In my element, so eloquent/ Mind of an elephant/ Delicate with etiquette/ Never quit, ain't so desolate"