Blieu's Playlist: "Hidden Lakes" by WALDO ft. Joose the Conqueror

True hip-hop. That's the best way I can describe, "Hidden Lakes". Delivered in a stream of consciousness flow by WALDO as soon as the beat drops, it's hard to not be swept away in his potent lyricism, "Ol' dirty in that 36th chamber/ I be with the clan, this could be us but you playin'/ Tell 'em put that in they playlist, securin' the bag/ You cannot fuck up the brand, you cannot fuck up the paper" From the onset of his verse until roughly the 1:40 mark, it is a pure onslaught.

Suddenly Joose the Conqueror hops on the incredible Martin $ky production. His voice brings out a whole new vibe to the beat as he slams us with one dope punchline after the next. Overall this track delivers on every level from start to finish, making it damn near impossible to not add it to my playlist honestly.