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One-Listen Review: Stereo by Omar Apollo


One-Listen Review: Stereo by Omar Apollo

Jacob Blieu


So let me explain how this will work. I press play on an album and there is no: pausing, rewinding or fast-forwarding throughout any song. Every track get's my gut reaction from start to finish.

The next album in our series is the debut EP, Stereo, by Indiana native, Omar Apollo. Having been releasing music over this past year, the 21 year old R&B/Pop artist has steadily built a band of loyal supporters. As a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Omar produced and wrote most of the tracks personally, only sharing space on one song with past collaborator Blake Slatkin. Omar Apollo released several tracks leading up to the release of this project, with each being better than the one before it, so let's dive into the EP and see if he kept this momentum.



And my head is bobbing. Like literally 3 seconds into the track and I'm already really diggin the rising production. Okay we just bottomed out and there is Omar's ethereal crooning. Very peaceful. Ooh, tapping into his Mexican heritage and delivering some beautiful Spanish lyrics.

I love the the slight screams of ectasy in the background. Okay the beat just changed up a little as Omar switches back to English. "Drank too much/ I really hate myself/ Two cars race down the hill/ Swerve quick, loose steering wheel"

Perfect intro for the tape.



Nice beat transition, not the smoothest ever. Okay, we got another head bopper on our hands, with this single. More of a straightforward record. His vocal control is outstanding, the ability to change the way his voice hits over different parts of the beat will take him far, calling it now. I just want to be vibing out with a joint and a long walk on a sunny day.

The guitar riffs in the background perfectly compliment the groove of the beat. And just like that it's over. 



Softer. Palm trees and crashing waves, that's the picture in my head as I listen to one of the project's lead single. I'm in awe at the way Omar can subtly change the vibe of his songs, with simple vocal shifts. The most overtly emotional track yet.

Omar Apollo has a strong future as a producer if he branches out and starts working with other artists as well as making his own music. Blends the rising bedroom pop sound with strong R&B influences. The collaboration with Blake Slatkin on this song payed off extremely well.

"I've been, I've been so guilty baby/ I'm thinking about myself and I/ What you, what you gon' feel me lately/ I feel like I'm going out my way for you"



The halfway point and the most interesting track to me yet, because this song was originally released as a single in 2017. An impressive display of Omar's ability as an instrumentalist on top of his strengths as a songwriter and performer. Lovely, I can't really think of another word I could use to describe it. It's just lovely.

I want to grab mah baby and squeeze them tight as we slow dance in the rain. Jesus, this that good old fashion baby making music. So let's turn the lights down low and this song up loud and get lost in it.



God damn, the production on the EP is top tier. May be my new favorite producer on the rise.

A whole new flow, much rappier. Very interesting from Omar. OOOOOH this hook is sex to my ears. My favorite track so far simply because the versatility he possess is on full display here. I'm literally having to stop myself from dancing so that I can write. Omar Apollo is something else, a new entity to be studied. Something I haven't mentioned yet but should totally be talked about long after this album gets old is the the level of expertise seen in the engineering for such a new act. 




Okay, okay. We're starting off a little different here. Let's see where it goes. This drum pattern is very alluring, fits his voice really well here. 

About halfway through the song now. Sorry I got caught up just listening for a second so there's a good bit I didn't write about, guess you'll just have to listen to it yourself. A whole different tone from the rest of the project, yet it feels like it was made first almost. I can't explain it, but this feels like the beginning to his whole sound.



The last song opening with some spanish guitar plucks. His voice is so fucking smooth, I can't hep but swoon a little. Jesus this is beautiful. The emotion he can project through his voice is tangible, I can see it flowing from my speaker and into my heart. Also his skill as a songwriter is not something that falls by the wayside on this project.

"You never did me wrong/ I left it in the dust/ Two rules for me to trust/ I thought you couldn't now/ But I wish you had forever"



As quick as it came, it's over. Omar Apollo is going to be crazy huge. I know I'm supposed to say more, but the project speaks for itself. Every detail carefully constructed, every step carefully placed. It just is what it is. Gold.

One-Listen Rating: 7.5/10