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Contagion Radio


Contagion Radio

Jacob Blieu

Welcome back to Contagion Radio!

With artists  across all mediums working with Contagion Media, it's only right that we share some of that amazing talent with all of our wonderful readers. We've shown you a couple of the rappers on our roster over these past few weeks, so now it's time for something a little different.


This week I'll be introducing you to KBR, Soul/Pop singer and Contagion Media's very own founder. With a sultry sound and strong understanding of music theory, KBR has consistently dropped great tracks via SoundCloud. Currently working on her debut EP, a summer mixtape and a Contagion collective tape, she plans to experiment with her style to create something fresh for herself.

Check out her track "Clouds", for which she performed, recorded, engineered, shot the cover art and helped direct the video for. Oh yeah, she also wrote the whole thing in 15 minutes.

Standout Lines: "You trapped me in the clouds/ Never looking down/ To where I fell/ How easily you left me"