PHX Shuffle

No time for small talk, only songs. Let's get it.


Ethereal is the word I would use to describe SYRIN's voice as she literally floats from one kick to another on the Tok Sik production. The reverb added to SYRIN's obvious natural ability and excellent vocal performance creates a perfect dreamlike world for this song to exist in admidst the other styles present in her music. As the third track on her debut EP, 5706, "Gleefully" is a shining moment on a very impressive project.


4nthem the GoodKat crushes this MiiiKXY beat for 3:47. Seriously every moment seems better than the last as GoodKat cruises through the production with his deadpan delivery that leaves you hanging onto every word. Being his newest release, the growth in him as an artist is extremely evident. Excited to see what's too come.


It's time to dance. That's the vibe that Sol Drop just exudes all throughout their music. With a rambunctious style that's indie-rock mixed with punk leanings, you'll be on your feet and moving in no time. These Flagstaff locals have an excellent stage presence that allows them to dominate any set they're put on. "Fake" is a perfect example of Sol Drop's ability to absolutely destroy a song, give it a listen.