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Speak into the Mic: 3irty


Speak into the Mic: 3irty

Jacob Blieu


Meet 3irty, a rising underground figure, who has found his sound and won't stop until the rest of the world has heard it too. Originally from Orange County, California, 3irty currently finds himself preparing to drop his debut album, Stars Fall, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Devoted to building up his fanbase, 3irty is constantly connecting to his following via social media and by performing with passion at any live show he can, and being fresh off of opening for Riff Raff in Los Angeles and thrilling the crowd at Contagion's own wild Flag Flo event, it's safe to say he's been killing it.

I had a chance to sit and talk with 3irty for a little bit about his music and the passion and personal drive were as plain as day. Go check it out for yourself below.

The following interview has been edited for clarity.

When did you first start making music?

 I started making music when I was introduced to the acoustic guitar at ten years old. The first song I ever learned was "Wonderwall" by Oasis. After I got familiar with the notes and chord progressions, I wrote my first thing ever called "What is life?" Sadly I have yet to record that track, but when I do it will be a great jam for you all. 

    I started getting into recording music around senior year of high school when I got accepted into the audio engineering program our school had. I have never loved learning and being at school so much in my life. They taught me about music softwares, they taught us about live performance mixing, and much more. That is how I was able to begin my career.

Where does the name, 3irty, come from?

 I am currently in the middle of forming my company called, "Thirty30Visions," and I was thinking how I could change my old rap name, Tmoney, into something that meant more to me and had a deeper meaning behind it. The reasoning behind, "Thirty30Visions," is that I believe if you keep your third eye (your brain) open and aware, then you have perfect eye sight... no that is not 20/20, it is 30/30 to those who are able to contain it. 

    Nothing really matters more to me at this point than my company and music. I felt the name 3irty fit perfectly with everything I am in the middle of creating.

What would you say is your “star factor”?

 I would say my star factor is that I am myself. I don't do anything to impress anyone except myself. Most people these days are too insecure to go outside the box and truly figure out who they are or figure out what their true passion is. Luckily I KNOW who I AM, and I KNOW what MY PASSION is. 

    My work ethic is also by far one of my best qualities. At a young age a big role model of mine told me, "hard work beats better talent, when better talent doesn't work hard." That quote is now one of my biggest influences in life, I truly believe you will get what you put in. I right now am doing nothing but working, working, and working. I don't have an eating schedule, a sleeping schedule, and I don't have a night life. I stay inside, sit in my closet, listen to beats and pour my soul and heart into the lyrics I write. I care about my art and I care about my fans. without those I would be nothing. It's hard to find people these days who really care about their music instead of the money and everything. I think all of the fame and money will follow, but that was never the goal. I have a message that NEEDS TO BE HEARD, and currently I am getting the message out and I couldn't be any happier.

I know you’ve recently changed your sound quite a bit, can you tell us about that?

 As I stated before, my music roots are based on acoustic and old school music and good vibes. When I started listening to rap and hip hop I just always thought it was so easy, I don't know why I thought that way, I couldn't have been more wrong. My friends were all into rap and clever bars and shit like that so, as any starting musician did, I started making whatever music I could with my friends. We started off with rap  and were always either trying to spit fast hard bars or just make turn up music. As my friends found their style and flow, I couldn't really see my self as a "rapper." In fact, I hated when people would call me a rapper, and I still hate it. I AM AN ARTIST.

    The way my music has changed is that I had some big inspirations come out of the underground a few years ago (Goth Boy Clique) and when I heard the instrumentals, the lyricism used, and the production. It reminded me of my roots and where I began. Now I would classify my music as, Alternative Rock Hip Hop. By that I mean I'm creating melodies reminiscent of Sum 41, Blink 182, All American Rejects, etc... and them and samples with modern day kick drums. I am getting more emotional with my lyrics, and I am singing instead of rapping.

Debut single for Stars Fall

    I am super happy I was able to change my style for this upcoming album, Stars Fall. I will also be putting out an album called, L.A.M.E (Loosing All Mind Efficiency), at some point in my career and I will be rapping in there, barely any singing. I am proud to say that I am able to incorporate multiple generations of music into mine. 

Is there anything outside of music that influences your work?

Nothing besides the fact that I definitely don't want to work Monday through Friday 9-5. I watched my whole family do it and all they said is that they hate it.

    When my dad was younger he was scouted for the major leagues of baseball. He was going to play for the White Sox and was only seventeen when offered. He sadly passed it up due to the fact that he already had a kid and a wife, so he wasn't able to go out and practice and travel. He had to work and provide. Growing up he always told me I could do anything I put my mind to. He always told me he believed in me. But he also said don't be like [him], chase your dreams and not to fuck it up like [he] did. I have a handful of people I can really rely on for support whether it be emotional, fun conversation, or even 20 lousy dollars. They all influence me everyday, I want to make them proud. Just like they made me. 

What is different for you now that you’re in album mode?

I wouldn't say too much is different, like I said earlier I don't have a night life, I just post up and create my art. And when I do get dragged out or decide to go out with some people, I always find myself thinking it was a complete waste of time. I could have been in my studio doing something to better my career. I kind of am like a bum, I don't do much. I try to get some sleep, I try to eat some food, and I don't go out to parties when all my friends are. I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

    I am glad to say that my album, Stars Fall, is actually completely recorded and completely mixed and mastered, I could drop it tomorrow if I wanted. But I don't know if the world is ready to hear what I have to say. I'm worried my life might change, and I'm afraid knowing it can either be good or bad. But at the same time I cannot wait for you all to hear what I have been working on, it's the best project I have personally ever put together. I'm thinking about dropping it around summer time. But possibly after summer. so with that being said there is NO release date yet. But if you want to hear any of them I will send you some of the songs just follow me on instagram @thirty_ and slide into my DM's asking for a sneak peak and I'll take care of you, like I said. I LOVE MY FANS. I appreciate anyone who has read this far and I can't wait to release more content for everyone to hear. #ThirdEyeWave    LOVE Y'ALL </3