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From Behind the Boards


From Behind the Boards

Malick McFly

My name is Malick McFly. I’m a rapper-producer born in Phoenix, Arizona, and moved to Mesa when I was in middle school. I picked up rapping when I was around 12 and began producing when I was 14, because I was a broke Freshman in high school and I couldn’t buy beats that I liked off of the internet so I had to make my own. At the time I also really wanted to get more into the musical side of Hip-Hop. By the time I was about 15, I abandoned rapping entirely because producing just came so much quicker to me. During 2015, I produced three beat tapes under the name, HisFlyness, all three of which are still available on my Bandcamp account. To fully gauge my progress within the last couple of years as a producer, I would say to listen to those as well as my production playlists on SoundCloud.

My favorite parts in the beat-making process are when I'm finding samples and programming the drums. I played the drums in elementary school, so snares and whatnot come easier to me than other sounds. I've always felt like the traditional Hip-Hop drums veer towards what sound ‘realistic’, like how real drums would be played, but I really like to stray away from that when I program mine. That’s not to say I want to make soulless music, but I feel like ‘humanizing’ sounds is just a limiting factor when creating. As for sampling, I love to just listen to the samples from my favorite albums, because it gives the music a sense of history and I get introduced to these amazing artists that I’d never heard of before. Playing melodies is fun to me too, and I especially like adding melodic subtleties to my beats that one wouldn’t hear unless they heard the instrumental without the vocalist. That's how I can separate myself as a producer.

Above is the story of Malick McFly, the newest writer to be featured on our blog here at Contagion Media. Going forwards, Malick will share with us the lifestyle and career of a producer on the rise as he works to establish his name throughout the scene. We will be able to follow his progress as a creator, while he grows and experiences the game from behind the boards, learning with him every step of the way. So make sure to check in weekly and see what Malick has in store for all of us. 

- Jacob Blieu