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Unseen Vision


Unseen Vision

Jacob Blieu

In an era where "clout" and "cultural relevancy" have become the baselines for deciding which artists we embrace and share, it is important to remember that talent, not numbers, is what should be rewarded and put on display to be enjoyed. In an effort to make this the norm, welcome back to Unseen Vision, our weekly series that will spotlight four artists under 1K followers that show true talent and potential. Spanning all genres, boarders and boundaries we will find the hidden gems of the internet.

Elliot Harris

Followers: 229

Polished, professional and clean. These are the words I'd use to describe Elliot Harris and the music he makes. Originally from LA, Harris made the move to Chicago to explore his creativity in a city known for producing some of the best talent in the game right now. With only a handful of tracks posted over a year ago, all of which racked up thousands of plays, it's exciting to think about what's in store for him next.


Followers: 464

With a few projects under his belt, Arizona based rapper Tullis, is preparing for the release of his newest album through Dryland Recordz. With Tullis' ability to craft vibes and be the lyrical powerhouse he is, it's hard to imagine him with under a thousand followers, which makes me think that it wont last long. So hop on this train sooner rather than later and enjoy watching him grow as an artist.


Followers: 100

HKG embodies energy as a musician. While not the strongest lyricist I've ever come across, HKG is able to make you feel something through his music; this skill is what drew me to his work in the first place. It's an undeniable vibration given off through the track below that make me believe he has the potential to see success in the scene.


Followers: 563

First of all, I love her name. The moniker she chose is the perfect identifier for her sound because it reflects the dream-like quality that her music gives off. sleepyhaze sets herself apart from others in the EDM world by taking her production to places you wouldn't expect at the start of each song, making her a strong contender for future opportunities.