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Throwback Thursday


Throwback Thursday

Jacob Blieu

Making a Name for Ourselves ft. Canibus | One Day It'll All Make Sense (1997) | Common

With a hook that finds Common and Canibus going back to back, a tone is quickly set for this song. The pair spend the next few minutes trading fire verses over the well crafted No I.D. production. Neither outshines the other, leading to a beautifully balanced song.

Favorite Bar:

“I make my living off of singles like Latifah/ In between sheets like reefer with blunted senses/ You couldn’t make a statement if you was from a sentence / I’m cold with numb intentions…”                - Common



Ol' English ft. Dion | Doctor's Advocate (2006) | The Game

This alcohol driven deep cut finds The Game in one of his most vulnerable states. As he reflects on his childhood and the people that he's lost, we get to follow The Game on a journey through his memories. A truly great example of his ability to drive emotions.

Favorite Bar:

"Used to think that I was hard, so I stole my brother's glock/ And that's the day my life changed, cause that night he got shot/ Killed by another Crip over his Rolex watch"                                        - The Game



Irreplaceable | B'Day (2006) | Beyoncé

Beyoncé delivers a catchy, yet powerful ode to self love and appreciation with the third single from her second album. This combination made for her longest charting single to date, lasting in the number one spot for 10 full weeks. One of the greatest moments for any Queen B fan.

Favorite Bar:

"Because you were untrue/ Rollin' her around in the car I bought you/ Baby drop them keys/ Hurry up before your taxi leaves"                                                                                                                  - Beyoncé