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Blieu's Playlist: "WeatherMan Rock" by QUADRY


Blieu's Playlist: "WeatherMan Rock" by QUADRY

Jacob Blieu

Baton Rouge native, QUADRY, delivered a solid hip-hop project with his 2016 mixtape, America, Me. With a good variation in sound and way he approaches each track, QUADRY proved he understands the more delicate aspects of MC'ing throughout its ten tracks.

One major stand-out from the tape is the fourth track, WeatherMan Rock, on which QUADRY strolls leisurely across the groove-inducing Tev'n production. His slight southern drawl and the way that he effortless slips in and out of different flows across the song is a clear example of the skill he possesses on the mic. As you listen to him weave his way around the beat, you may soon find yourself in a trance, listening closely as he pulls out key words across the track.