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One-Listen Review: Heart Shaped Melody by K.A.A.N & Bleverly Hills


One-Listen Review: Heart Shaped Melody by K.A.A.N & Bleverly Hills

Jacob Blieu

So let me explain how this will work. I press play on an album and there is no: pausing, rewinding or fast-forwarding throughout any song. Every track get's my gut reaction from start to finish.

The next album in our series is collaborative effort, Heart Shaped Melody, most likely named after the song, Heart Shaped Box, by Nirvana. The fourth project created by long-time musical partners: Maryland spitter, K.A.A.N, and producer, Bleverly Hills (F.K.A Blev), these two are no strangers to pushing each other to new heights.


With 7 mixtapes and 6 albums under his belt in the last two years alone, each being noticeably cleaner and different from the last, K.A.A.N is far from a novice when it comes artistic evolution. This is especially true when paired with innovative producer, Bleverly Hills, as seen through the projects: 2609, The Middle and Voices. So let's see what they have in store for us this time around.

H.S.M Intro


A slight giggle over climbing piano stabs really setting a mood. Some K.A.A.N hums. Oooh what's this? Some heavily sped up speech from K.A.A.N (who can already go really fast so that's saying something). I'm feeling almost overloaded from this track so far.

Okay now where getting some drifting from one side of the headphones to the other with K.A.A.N's patented break-neck delivery. Now we're getting some soft singing from who I have to assume is Bleverly, simply because it doesn't sound anything like what I've heard form K.A.A.N in the past.

"We're getting slaughtered down here." exactly how I'm feeling. And there are those sped up ramblings again. And its done.

Interesting. Not my favorite opener ever, but very interesting.



Opened with some nice guitar riffs. And here's K.A.A.N's singing. With his unique vocal delivery, I'm always drawn into his melodies, which have been embraced heavily as of lately in his music. Glad to see it being carried through here. I love the almost chanting quality.

"I had a medallion in my pocket/ I lost my memories/ Now I can't find it" I'm really liking the hook, which seems to be a majority of this song so that's a good thing. 

The rain pouring down in the background sets the mood perfectly as it begins to fade. No we are being shown K.A.A.N's inner thinking as he rapidly delivers a set of bars about what he needs to be doing.

It almost sounds like he's driving around listening to his music.

Most Days


Some organ starting us off this time around. Almost eery. Okay no, the drums just hit and we are listening to an instant head-bopper.

Some direct rapping being delivered no, much slower than normal from K.A.A.N, but very welcomed. His back and forth between singing on the hook and straight spitting on the is very nice.

OOOH here's Bleverly Hills now. He's killing it on this verse, "It's perfect timing, searching for my purpose/ Why can't I keep learning, time ain't worth the purchase/ Purple smoke is burning" GOT DAMN BLEV.

This is gonna get added to my playlist.

Summer Wave


Wow. This is very eery, sounds like a chopped and screwed version. Weird but definitely enjoyable. 

Sounds like Bleverly is taking control of this song in the beginning here.

"This lonely, lonely high/ It's the only one that I find/ I get high when I ride away/ I get high when I ride the summer waves" a song that forces some introspection so be ready for it when it comes around.

I'm not totally sure about the voice edits being used, but I definitely respect the experimentation. Doesn't sound bad at all, just very different.

I'm not sure if I'm hearing K.A.A.N at all unless that's him providing back up vocals.

Chevy Music


Inviting us in again with those smooth guitar riffs right before we are treated to another melodic intro. And Bleverly Hills gets the verse first on this one too. His voice is very well complimented by the production he's created.

I could really get lost in this one if I allowed myself too. Very soothing.

"I hydroplane, I'm swerving/ Stay in my lane, no merging" K.A.A.N easily slides over this and his delivery and flow were made for this beat even better than Blev's. Slight switch up in his flow, but now it works better still.

A definite standout track for the project. Very much enjoying how this beat is coming to a close. The slight falling sound is perfect.

This Time


There are those piano stabs again. Okay, okay

I'm liking where this is heading. Let's get it K.A.A.N! Still slower than his normal speed, we are obviously much more in classic territory for him. Not to detract from his ability to create a soothing hook with his unique singing as he shows us how effortless it is for him, just in time to create a perfect transition to Bleverly Hills' verse.

This is his best effort on the tape as of yet. I'm enjoying their embrace of what fate has in store for them, and maybe, "it will all go my way this time" is exactly what these two should be thinking.

Admit It


Starting off with some heavy grunge vibes, which is no surprise considering the references to The Eagles, Nirvana, Soundgarden and various other groups that K.A.A.N has made in his past music.

K.A.A.N is coming in with stabbing bits of melody over the production, oh and here is the actual hook coming now. Very fitting in the way it is delivered. I'm already really into this one. 

Sorry guys, I got too caught up in the song and forgot to write. This is my personal favorite so far.

H.S.M Outro


There's the giggles from the intro. And the rapid speech. Very full circle. This may actually be the same exact production from the intro as well, but I'm gonna have to double check on that.

Really tryna follow what K.A.A.N is saying but I'm gonna have to listen to it at least half a dozen times more to really understand most of it. I'm enjoying the engineering of this track. Very well put together.

And Blev's vocals slide in again write on queue.

"We're getting slaughtered down here."



And at eight tracks, this project is finished as quick as it was started. This project's length however in no way takes away from the talent demonstrated, I'd even go so far as to say it leaves me fiending for more. While there are some obviously experimental aspects of the tape, and not all of them sit well with me, the overwhelming desire to create and change the landscape that they find themselves in is both inspiring and a breathe of fresh air.

I am now more excited than ever to hear what K.A.A.N and Bleverly Hills have in store for us going forward,  together and on their own.

One-Listen Rating: 7.5/10