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Meet: The Homies


Meet: The Homies

Jacob Blieu

Consisting of five members: Quiiso, Shloob, Ace Pro, Ronnie Lucciano and 2forwOyNE, who you may recognize as the main producer for fellow Private Garden Co. artist, Jack Harlow's 2017 album, Gazebo, The Homies have been making noticeable waves within the underground scene since their inception. Active for just over a year, the group has been making waves by opening for acts such as, Lil Uzi Vert and Waka Flocka Flame, and have racked up thousands of views on their videos and tapes. With a strong debut in the form of 2016's, Welcome Home, The Homies have been swinging since the bell rang and immediately landed a massive blow with their follow up, the compilation project, Sunday Snacks, which was dropped in two parts over a month. 

Having all of the production and engineering done in house, The Homies are able to create a sonic landscape that is somehow familiar, yet completely reinvented, something that could only be done by true students of the game. With this ability to create an energy that forces you to vibe to their music, don't be surprised when you find yourself bobbing uncontrollably by the 10-second mark of any track.

Their hype didn't get lost in their releases though, as they were able to carry the spirit of these projects into the revealing of three videos over the last nine months. Starting off the drops was the story based video for their track, Split The Bill, as it follows the various members approaching the concept of splitting the check with their significant others. Whether it be by dropping hints or being blunt, it's gotta be done because they just can't pay.

Following this was the future summer banger, On Gawd, which perfectly reflects the vibe brought to us by The Homies since their first release. As we watch, the boys have a blast getting snacks from the local Cirlce K, before whipping donuts in the parking lot. While Private Garden photographer, Urban Wyatt, drives, The Homies hang from the windows and toss the ball around as Quiiso and 2forwOyNE take turns rapping their verses.

Honestly, it's fun to watch simply because you can tell it was fun for them to make. That kind of infectious liveliness is what propelled groups such as Odd Future and Brockhampton into stardom, and it's easy to imagine the same being in store for The Homies in the future.

Their most recent release came just over a month ago with the video of their song, Nightcrawla. With a grittier feel than most of their previous tracks, Shloob enters the scene to begin the song with his patented relaxed delivery, he is quickly followed by Ace Pro who doesn't let you breathe for even a moment. Shloob's hook is the only thing that saves you as it slides in effortlessly to pull you from the carnage.

All in all, The Homies may be relatively new to the scene, but they are an absolute force to be feared as they continue to build up steam over this next year. With three days until their newest project, Umbrella, is released, be ready to be able to one day say, "I been following them since..."

Get ready people.