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Blieu's Playlist: "Go to Sleep" by Bearson ft. Kailee Morgue


Blieu's Playlist: "Go to Sleep" by Bearson ft. Kailee Morgue

Jacob Blieu

Released just over a week ago, this track has been playing non-stop through my headphones since the dropped. A collaboration between LA based electronic producer, Bearson, and singer, Kailee Morgue, "Go to Sleep" is the perfect mood song for any late night walk. The beautifully constructed production created by Bearson, pushes the song forward as you get lost in his world.

The emotional force creates the ideal space for Kailee's delicate, yet extremely powerful vocal performance as she observes the lives of those around her and ponders her place among it all. "And how do I stop rotating/ On this blue sphere/ It's frustrating" is the final thought she leaves us with before the last chorus closes the song.