Music Department

 Many artists on our team are multi-talented and heavily involved in writing, producing, and performing music.  We provide various music services perfect for all clients striving for material that leaves a lasting impression. With collaboration being a main element in our mission, our artists seek to create music that will appeal to all audiences. Read more about our talented musicians and services. We also offer music video cinematography.


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Several of our artists write their own music and collaborate on lyrics for artists not yet confident in their writing skills, but confident in performing. 

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Many of our artists produce in various forms! Our artists create rap, EDM, indie, alternative, rock, and blues music and would like to experiment more with music.

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DJ services

We provide DJ services for music festivals, concerts, and events. DoubleDee and FreakWhenSee both performed at Dark Sky electric!

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Many of our artists in different genres perform at music festivals and concerts throughout Arizona and are constantly creating new material.


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Musicians For Hire


Floral Palindrome 

Hannah's passions include collaborating in the creation of music, engaging in thought provoking conversations, and exploring new artistic mediums. She sang in Bay of Cigs, a garage-punk band, and is now pursuing a her undergraduate degree in digital design with a minor in advertising.  

As a well versed poet, Hannah has been featured in several published compilations. She and fellow Contagion artist, Jacob Blieu, are currently in the process of publishing their joint poetry collection, "A Single Blieu Rose."



Kassandra Ramirez is a multi-talented artist, focusing on photography, film, and music, Ramirez founded Contagion Media while attending Northern Arizona University. Currently, she is studying Creative Media & Film, as well as Photography. Some of Ramirez's inspirations include Vincent Van Gogh, Wes Anderson,  Mumford & Sons, and Lorde.  Kassandra Ramirez is currently working on a wide variety of productions and events, including a photoshoot for a Contagion Media clothing line, Dark Sky Electric , and her self-titled album, "Thus Far,"to be released next year.


Jacob Blieu

 Jacob Blieu is an artist from Phoenix, Arizona with an intense passion for writing, film, music and graphic design. He is currently working on the final edit of his and fellow Contagion Media artist, Hannah Rose's, joint poetry collection, as well as his first feature length film script and various music videos/short films.

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DoubleDee is a DJ/Producer duo hailing from the great state of Arizona. Nicknamed "Your local party boys", DoubleDee focuses on bringing a refreshing take on electronic music.

They recently released their debut track - "Grody to the Max" which is a "Smooth cocktail of dance music styles that come together in a unique addition to the bass music pantheon". 

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Demetrius Hill, known as FreakWhenSee is a DJ and producer from Chicago, Illinois, with his main focus being EDM music



Nouhoum Samaké, A.K.A. Banu, is a multi-talented artist from Tucson, AZ specializing in filmmaking and music. Nouhoum is driven to create work that offers an overall fresh and unique experience. He recently worked as Director of Photography for Contagion Media's production, "The Light", while participating in the NAU 73 Hour Film Festival. He is pursuing a degree in Creative Media and Film at NAU with an emphasis in Production.