DoubleDee is a DJ/Producer duo hailing from the great state of Arizona. Nicknamed "Your local party boys," DoubleDee focuses on bringing a refreshing take on electronic music.


Floral Palindrome

Outside of teaching yoga and exploring what the world has to offer, Hannah enjoys making her music under her stage name, Floral Palindrome, organizing events, and creating art digitally or by hand. 



Kassandra Ramirez, also known as "KBR," is a photographer, filmmaker, and musician born and raised in the valley of Arizona. Ramirez is the founder of and Director of Photography for Contagion Media. She aims to spend her life dedicated to the arts.





As the Director of Writing for Contagion Media, Blieu is Editor-in-Chief of the blog and specializes in scriptwriting. From directing to song and screenwriting to graphic design, he is a jack of all trades with a desire to strengthen his abilities and grow everyday.



Nouhoum Samaké, also known as "Banu," is a multi-talented media artist. Samaké specializes in film and music, particularly the rap genre. Banu's newly released EP, I.I., is available on SoundCloud now.


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