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Miguel Monroy


I’ve always loved being an artist, even since a young age. Art has always helped me express myself and calm down when I’m feeling stressed. From grade school through most of high school I was primarily focused on my art, but that’s because I hadn’t uncovered my musical talent all the way yet. As soon as I started unlocking my music potential I fell in love with music and started focusing primarily on that.



Art has always been a part of my life. Since I can remember I’ve loved to draw with all different types of mediums. Over the years of practicing art and taking various art classes I’ve developed a love for using pencil, pen, and marker as my mediums. I do also love painting but I don’t do it that often, I will for sure feature paintings here though. However, even though art is a huge passion of mine, music has my heart, so for now there will be a lot of my art on here but the amount of it coming out may decrease when I start dropping music.


My music life started in elementary school in band class playing trombone; and I played trombone for six years, two of which were in jazz band as opposed to orchestral band. During that time that’s all I really did though. I wasn’t thinking about writing music of my own, which is surprising because classical and jazz music aren’t really the genres I listen to on the regular. Im more of a hip hop, rap, and R&B kind of guy and for so long I never even attempted to create music from my favorite genres. For a while though, it wasn’t very easy for me and I wasn’t very good at it. I was only coming out with small verses here and there and two of my friends in my grade were actually better at it than me at the time and that was a bit frustrating; but I kept my head up and kept trying till eventually I was making full length songs that pretty much everybody was enjoying. From that point on I fell in love with music and I will always have a passion for it. Unfortunately, while I don’t have any of my own means to record and release my music, there will not be any of my music the site for now but I promise it is coming very soon!