Kassandra Ramirez

Photographer - Filmaker - Musician


Kassandra Ramirez is a multi-talented artist, focusing on photography, film, and music, Ramirez founded Contagion Media while attending Northern Arizona University. Currently, she is studying Creative Media & Film, as well as Photography.  Kassandra Ramirez is currently working on a wide variety of productions and events, including a photoshoot for a Contagion Media clothing line, a  Dark Sky Electric Rave , and her self-titled album, "Thus Far,"to be released next year.

“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”
— Alberto Giacometti


August 2018 Photo Gallery


Photography prints by Kassandra Ramirez

Triumphant - 12" x 18"
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Bleeding Sunset - 12" x 18"
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Watch the Music Video for KBR's most recent song, "Clouds."

Starring Cierra Shipley and Ryan Diaz, "Clouds" tells the story of a personal turmoil. While Kassandra Ramirez wrote, performed, and directed the music video for "Clouds," Dom Napue and Zamar Massey also helped produce the video.


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