Hannah Rose

Musician - Poet - Digital Designer - Artist - Event Coordinator

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Hannah's passions include collaborating in the creation of music, engaging in thought provoking conversations, and exploring new artistic mediums. She sang in Bay of Cigs, a garage-punk band, and is now pursuing a her undergraduate degree in digital design with a minor in advertising.  

As a well versed poet, Hannah has been featured in several published compilations. She and fellow Contagion artist, Jacob Blieu, are currently in the process of publishing their joint poetry collection, "A Single Blieu Rose."



Hannah's solo work generally includes only her voice and ukulele. She writes, records, and edits all her own music; and when playing by herself, she goes by the alias Floral Palindrome. Her solo work varies from indie to punk, alternative to folk. 

Hannah was the vocalist for the Phoenix based garage-punk band, Bay of Cigs. They preformed live at a local record store and their song "Downing" was a crowd favorite due to the explicit yet comical lyrics that Hannah wrote.

Hannah currently sings lead vocals in the indie band The Pesky Feds. With fellow Flagstaffian members -Josh Kruse and Hayden Barcello - the group continually books small shows to play live and is in the process of developing an album together. 


As a way to organize their music projects, Hannah and the members of  The Pesky Feds developed their own music label: LOFT226. Named after the apartment space where they practice, the label currently supports two bands: The Pesky Feds and TheLeftSideOfYourHat. Check out the website for updates on tour dates, show coverage and new music releases. 

"The question isn't who's going to let me, it's who's going to stop me."

-Ayn Rand

ART and design

Hannah's digital and physical art is an expression of herself. She has experience working with all mediums. All of her pieces reflect her creativity, passion, and dedication for the arts. 




"A Single Blieu Rose" is Hannah and Jacob Blieu's joint poetry project. Both poets incorporate their own experiences as inspiration to bring their work to life as they cover the topics of Life, Death and everything in between. They utilize various styles of poetry to produce a fuller, more complete project.


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Contagion Media and their staff offer their many talented artists and skills to the public. Hannah offers her digital designing skills.

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Dark Sky Electric: 


Contagion Media Eco-Friendly Fashion Show

 Poster Designed by Hannah Rose  Event Coordination by Hannah Rose

Poster Designed by Hannah Rose

Event Coordination by Hannah Rose

 Poster Designed by Hannah Rose  Event Coordination by Hannah Rose

Poster Designed by Hannah Rose

Event Coordination by Hannah Rose