Digital Press

Our artists collaborate to create the digital press package perfect for all our clients. Including various forms of digital content, our digital press packages are perfect for artists or brands seeking to expand their media presence with quality images and video. Our packages include short promos videos, interviews, digital designs, and photography perfect for your marketing needs.

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Short Promos

Promos in our digital press packages are short video compilations showing the vision or story behind your brand. Short promos are excellent for posting on Facebook and Instagram to gain followers.

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Our gold and platinum digital press packages include interviews filmed by our professional production crew. Interviews are excellent in giving the public a taste of your story or brand, perfect for media exposure.


Digital Design

Let one of our artists create a custom digital design perfect for showing off your brand. Use digital designs for fan art, t-shirt design, logos, and more! Our designs are created in various digital formats, per request.



Our digital press packages all come with photography, perfect for sharing on social media. Our photographer create high-quality images, perfect for all your needs, including commercial printing.

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Recent Electronic Press

Contagion Media Presents: 3irty

Photography by Kassandra Ramirez


Contagion Media Presents: FreakWhenSee

Filmed and edited by michael schuette

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Digital Press Packages


  • 12 High Quality Images (one location, two looks)
  • A Short Promo (15-30 seconds) **
  • 1-2 Minute Interview with simple edit
  • Intermediate fan art created by our digital artists
  • A feature on our website
  • A feature on our social media account
  • A feature on our blog with your content and links to your social media..



Contagion Media offers a variety of services. If our press packages do not meet your needs, feel free to contact us at to set up an appointment to discuss a custom press package tailored to your needs. Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Photography
  • Promos
  • Music
  • Digital Design
  • Marketing
  • Interviews
  • Events


  • 7 High Quality Images (one location, one look)
  • A Short Promo (15-30 seconds) **
  • Simple fan art created by our digital artists
  • A feature on our website
  • A feature on our social media accounts




  • 25 High Quality Images (two locations, three looks)
  • Promo for social media (30-45  seconds) 
  • 2-5 Minute Interview with advanced editing
  • Advanced  fan art created by our digital artists
  • A feature on our website's main page.
  • A feature on our social media accounts
  • A feature on our blog with content and  links to social media.
  • Exclusive "VIP" discount on Contagion Media merchandise for up to 60 days.


**Contagion Media artists will use film coverage of you to create short promos, with simple sound to video editing.

 **All Travel fee's & Props are covered by the client

All pricing varies. Please submit a message for information on pricing, availability, and more.

(All Contagion Media package costs are broken down into Three Payments; 33% Down when date is Scheduled, 33% The date of Production & 33% On Completion. Deposits are non-refundable.)