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Goldrush 2018 is Right Around the Corner!


Goldrush 2018 is Right Around the Corner!

Hannah Rose

If you didn’t get a ticket to this year’s Goldrush 2018 Music Festival, get ready for the F.O.M.O. Deadmau5, Steve Aoki and Illenium - all world known names in the electronic genre - are coming to Rawhide this weekend and they each wield different sounds, visuals, lights and surprises for the thousands that will be in the crowd. The three headliners are an eclectic trio of upcoming energizing bass drops, crowd-thrown cakes and award winning sounds. Incase you weren’t already excited, keep reading…


No, the 5 was not a typo. Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, is a Canadian progressive house DJ with a reputation for creative beats, trolling tweets and an oversized Mickey Mouse-esque helmet. With over 20 years in the electronic music scene and several awards to show for it, he is a staple in the PLUR community and the EDM scene alike. However, his greatest contributions go far beyond the stage. His record label Mau5trap has created a platform for other electronic artists to create, record, and share their works as well; some of these include the rising DJ’s: Matt Lange, Julian Gray, and ATTLAS. Also, Deadmau5 - being an avid gamer himself - has made his mark in the gaming community by creating iconic music for titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, and others.

With such an incredible history and participation within the genre it is no wonder why Zimmerman is regarded so highly. Every creation takes careful thought, planning, and experimentation. His sound is tested and tinkered with until it is perfectly crafted for the crowd. The Deadmau5 name (and ears) are, and always will be, a universal symbol for electronic music, community commitment and pure creativity.  


This wildly popular DJ is one of the largest names in the entire genre thanks to his outlandish personality and chaotically heightened energy, which he wears like a badge of honor. One of the most recognizable faces from the EDM world, Steve Aoki has never been afraid to take risks in his life and that is heavily reflected in the music he makes. Fueled by wild abandon, this otherworldly figure creates electro house sounds sure to make people lose control, which is seen most clearly in his tradition of throwing a cake into his crowd of crazed fans (who all hope to feel icing on their skin one day).

However, like Deadmau5, Aoki refuses to allow his energy to end at the climax of a set and instead focuses the rest of his time on his multi-genre label, Dim Mak. Having release music across the spectrum, from punk to indie rock to hip-hop, Aoki pours his creative vigor into everything he puts focus on (often to great success). As one of the most exciting figures in music, Steve Aoki is truly a must see anytime he’s in town and this time is no different.


The rapid popularity growth of this Denver, Colorado DJ is directly traced to his incredible talent for evoking emotion in his listeners. Nick Miller, the name behind the famous Illenium performer, entered the EDM scene in the mid 2000’s and his fame quickly followed due to his amazing creations that pair emotional complexity, intricacy, and stylistic diversity. His captivating live performances awe crowds around the world with their combination of sense-altering visuals and lighting, as well as his immersive lyrics and build-ups.

Illenium brings a trancelike element to his performances by connecting with his audience on indescribable levels through the power emotional connection. His talent and diversity allow him to spread throughout the EDM genre and into several sub-genres including: dubstep, trap, and future bass with ease. Illenium’s passionate and moving creations have turned him into a celebrated DJ for evoking such moving, sentimental and sensual listener reactions.

Make sure to purchase your tickets right here before prices rise this Friday!

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