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'Twas the Summer to be Childish - New "Feels Like Summer" Video


'Twas the Summer to be Childish - New "Feels Like Summer" Video

Riley Tiernan

“This Is America”, Star Wars and the Summer Pack. If you were alive in America this summer it was impossible to keep Donald Glover's work out of your feed. And now Glover gives us even more gold in the new video for his musical persona, Childish Gambino's, "Feels Like Summer". Childish Gambino has officially proven to everyone that his videos are the ones to watch out for over the past few months and only keeps it running with this latest release. “This Is America” has racked up nearly 400 million views and pushed its way onto everyone’s Twitter to become the most talked about video of the summer. Now, on top of "Feels Like Summer" being a great song featuring wonderful Gambino vocals, we have a surreal but beautifully fun animated feature for the track. Gambino struts down the street of his Hip-Hop neighborhood and we get to see cartoon personifications of some of the biggest artists today, like: Migos, YG, and SZA, enjoying their fun in the warm summer sun!