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Jacob Blieu

So this past week has been a fucking win streak for AZ. With our local talent flourishing to new heights with every passing day, there’s been a definite leap in talent to a new level from these soon to be recognized superstars. From elevated content to an exploration of different sounds, our favorite scene is only getting better. Now it’s time to look at three of this week’s best releases with another segment of, PHX SHUFFLE!

Emmitt Dupree - “Auto Pilot” ft. T R U VO N N E

( @king_emmitt & @truvonne_ )

Two of the scene’s best have come together to cruise high on, “Auto Pilot”. With smooth R&B tones and an excellent feature from the ever-impressive T R U V O N N E, “Auto Pilot” is the further exploration of these sounds we needed from potent lyricist, Emmitt Dupree. This track and the last couple KROWNSOUND group cuts have only made me more and more excited for this emerging artist.

Pat Kanji - “Lemonade” (prod. hand.$.ome)

( @patkanji )

Pat Kanji is coming at us hard with this one. On, “lemonade”, Kanji hits you with well written and well delivered bars over a hand.$.ome beat that perfectly captures the vibe of the song. The verses are all unique, filled with fun wordplay, beautifully melodic, and are exactly the type of song that we need from up and coming artists like Kanji.

Blk Llama - “Boo Back”

( @blk_llama )

A consistent favorite here at Contagion, Blk Llama had done it yet again. Coming in hard with the new Visual Shooter video, “Boo Back” is the banger I’ve been needing in my life. Delivering on every facet, from video to production choice to flow, Llama truly let’s his talent burst forth onto this song to capture the ears of every listener.