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Desiire Gets Down in His Very Own "Paradise"


Desiire Gets Down in His Very Own "Paradise"

Riley Tiernan

Start dancing now, because once you get a taste of Desiire’s new track “Paradise”, you won’t be able to stop yourself. The new song from this R&B revivalist lets you picture yourself on the middle of a dance floor, moving like there is no one around to see. The track is a hit waiting to be found with its fresh vocals and beat so groovy, that no one will be able to resist. Desiire has always had an amazing voice, but “Paradise” truly shows off his ability to make you feel (for lack of a better phrase) some type of way. If you’re an 80’s disco fan, still wrapped up in the early 2000’s R&B, or you love a good beat, this song is exactly what you need to add to your regular rotation.

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