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Roy Blair is Back!


Roy Blair is Back!

Jacob Blieu

Roy Blair is a freaking genius. Having an unmatchable excitement around his art only draws fans in tighter around him to see what he will come up with next. This time around it was the incredible video for, “Happy”, one of the best songs on his 2017 album, Cat Heaven. Flexing his artistic muscle, Roy takes us on a journey through the the trials of love and wonder across the 4 minutes and 45 seconds that the video plays. Unable to look away, you are drawn into the video like staring at a terrible car crash.

Balancing the whimsical with the horrific, Roy Blair brings us something as fresh as the Hip-Hop/Indie fusion he uses to captivate listeners. Whether it be broken bones or bubbles in the air, it’s impossible to not be awed at the execution of this anticipated video from one of the most promising young musicians currently honing their craft. I’ll be honest though, I never expected anything less from one of my most played artists of the last year.

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