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Scheck Wes Delivers a New Video For the Smash, "Chippi Chippi"


Scheck Wes Delivers a New Video For the Smash, "Chippi Chippi"

Jacob Blieu

Embracing his raw DIY energy, the newest signee to Kanye West (G.O.O.D Music) and Travis Scott (Cactus Jack Records) is a force on the mic. His inherent magnetism has propelled this 19-year old Harlem bred emcee into the spotlight following viral hits, "Mo Bamba" and "Live SheckWes Die SheckWes" spreading like wildfire throughout Hip-Hop blogs across the internet. The same force driving those songs to the heights they've reached (The "Mo Bamba" video has 7.3 million views after 7 months and he was brought on stage by Drake to perform it in Toronto) is all over his newest video for, "Chippi Chippi".

Throughout the video we are regaled with Sheck being... well, himself. Having fun, shouting out Castaway and busting out some of the moves that added to his internet virality, Sheck Wes is hella fun to watch and his relaxed, yet aggressive delivery is hard to pry free from your brain after it digs its way in. Check out the video for "Chippi Chippi" above and then go click on a few more songs, this may be a new favorite for you guys yet.