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Jacob Blieu

We all know the drill. We watch for songs to roll out every week from AZ artists, collect some of our favorites and share three of them with all of you wonderful people. Some of our favorites in the scene have released some great new tunes over the past couple of weeks, including KROWNSOUND premiering their first ever official group track (which you can listen to here). From R&B to rap, our local scene has never been better and it's time for the fans to really show out for the artists working so hard to produce great music.

So let's dive into this fresh batch of tracks right now!

Slator Blacc : "Noir" (prod. Treytice)

The first track off of Slator Blacc's official debut project, Black Foot Ronin, "Noir" sets the tone for this ambitious EP. Set against bouncy drums and near psychedelic synths, Blacc stretches out with an easy going, melodic approach to the song. Incredibly enjoyable, you may just find yourself playing this song for hours.

PAT-KANJI : "It's Almost Over" (prod. KMPLT)

Impressive songwriting skills, a beautiful voice and natural charisma, what else could you want from someone? Personal favorite and Contagion regular, PAT-KANJI gets better with every track and "It's Almost Over" is only more proof. "I've been thinking about the money too much / I been getting too high" is an infectious hook that will be hard to get out of your head for the days to come.

Troy. : "Unlimited Racks" (Ft. Ardy Reapz)

This one is only featuring an AZ artist, but was simply to hard to pass up. Assisting with an excellent guest verse, Ardy Reapz leaves his mark on "Unlimited Racks" with no debate. Coming in swiftly and with bars ready, Reapz leaves nothing behind as he goes for the throat. Check this one out for sure.