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Athletes by MONEYPHONE: A Review


Athletes by MONEYPHONE: A Review

Riley Tiernan

It always feels great to hear new innovations within a genre that you already love. Athletes, by rising duo MONEYPHONE, brings us what we love from the emerging indie-hip pop scene with their beautiful melodies, powerful lyricism and enchanting production. At only five songs and with a run-time of fourteen minutes, Athletes will prove to anyone that these exhilarating new artists have what it takes to become a powerhouse in the coming future.

In addition to the synthesized hums and harmonies integrated into every track, the duo provide each song an extra element of beauty and mystique with their unique take on pop beats, by adding even more electric guitar in their music than most indie-rock groups in today’s music. As the EP progresses, MONEYPHONE forces you to feel a range of emotions from heartbreak to spiritual relief through shifting beats and expressive vocal performances. The specific sound the group cultivates on this project isn’t demonstrated any better than on their track, “Domicile”. The halfway point blends the most beautiful instrumental found on the EP with some of the most personal lyrics you can find almost anywhere.


Songs like “Toil” and “Domicile” will show anyone who listens to them, that MONEYPHONE knows how to construct a song as well as acts like BROCKHAMPTON or Tyler, The Creator (who I’m sure they will find themselves compared to many times throughout their musical journey). Trust me when I say to pay attention to this young Toronto duo.


Another stand-out of the project is, "On Lock". Originally released three months ago, "On Lock", is the shortest track of the project, yet is able to capture the essence of the group so effortlessly. With a beautiful performance added by collaborator, Jonah Yano, the three vocalists bounce off of each other with a faithful sense of self creation. Paired with a video that embodies the DIY spirit of MONEYPHONE, you gotta make sure to watch it to get a true sense of this exciting duo.

This EP proves that they have what it takes to influence the new wave of indie pop/rap music we are currently experiencing. With only the minor issues of some missed delivery opportunities and moments of overproduction that plague most new artists, it's safe to say we should be excited for what they have to come. If MONEYPHONE can put out more projects like this in the future, nothing will stop theses two from taking over the radio-waves with their special sound.