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Jacob Blieu

Another week has gone by and the AZ scene hasn't even begun to slow down. Building up to flagship tours and sold out local concets, Arizona has just started its movement and shows no signs of slowing down. And here we are, ready to bring to all of you another three fantastic tracks from our hometown heroes in this week's edition of... PHX SHUFFLE!

DALI : cross my heart (prod. franco masuello)

Having been already featured on our Best Songs of the Week series, it was a no brainer for us to share this fantastic Phoenix release with the rest of the valley. With a stranglehold, that you wouldn't mind being in, on the masuello beat, DALI weaves tales of love and passion with a confidence you'd expect to see on a fully realized artist. That is just one of the many exciting things about DALI as an artist. Make sure to press play and experience this one for yourself now!

Delly Everyday : "Greenlight" (Prod. Sab Story)

Not many artists, established or not, could create 200+ songs without experiencing a drop in quality. And yet, that is exactly what Delly Everyday has been. Having pledged to release a song a day for an entire year, Delly is over half of the way through with nothing but gems in his trail. Embracing the hype of this Sab Story production, Delly delivered a banger in the form of, "Greenlight", for his two-hundred day milestone. Hit play and celebrate this young man as he embarks on his first tour ever.

DEVONTE BLACK : "Army of the Light"

Floating. That is the only word I can think of that can describe the way that Devonte Black seems to drift over this self-produced beat. "Army of the Light" builds power over time, before erupting forth as the beat swings into full force. In a style seen from Devonte before, no rollout for the song was given, instead opting for a surprise release which only adds to the mystique the song creates. You gotta hit play as soon as possible!