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7 Vibez by Jesus Honcho: A Review


7 Vibez by Jesus Honcho: A Review

Jacob Blieu

Following in the path of Lil Uzi Vert and Juice WRLD, both bonafide stars in their own right, Jesus Honcho continues to be innovative in rap's quickest growing sub-genre. With his first track being released to SoundCloud just over two months ago in the form of, "F.L.A.T.S", Jesus immediately caught our attention. Followed swiftly by the project's first single, "INFATUATED", at a million plays on SoundCloud and its accompanying video premiering via Elevator, Honcho proved that he is the real deal with his eyes set on the finish line. After the second single, "THE PRAYER", was dropped a month ago, we sat in waiting for the shoe to finally drop. And lo and behold, 7 Vibez, has arrived.

"...we should reward him for being so willing to take the risk and try something new with his music."

Covered by stellar artwork, we quickly get caught up in his world of depression and the greater need to overcome it. These themes are explored across its seven tracks, each experimenting with its own sound and his approach to the landscapes he finds himself in. Aside from the obvious slam dunks with, "INFATUATED" and "THE PRAYER", 7 Vibez is also led in with the perfect intro track for anyone unfamiliar with Jesus' work. He keeps the heat applied until we reach, "Project X", easily the most experimental of all the tracks. It's at this point we see some of the failings in his craft as he works against himself at certain points of the EDM inspire production, but still, we should reward him for being so willing to take the risk and try something new with his music.

So with some minor pitfalls, Jesus Honcho delivered a project that not only showcases his ability to make hits and maintain a concept, but also his skill with switching between different worlds without every feeling like he's floating with no purpose. So congrats to Honcho on the win and we'll definitely be keeping an eye out for what's next to come for this young hitmaker.