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Speak into the Mic: My Favorite Color


Speak into the Mic: My Favorite Color

Jacob Blieu


My favorite thing about finding new music is finding someone with diversity. There's a special talent needed to be able to create great music that doesn't limit itself to a specific sound, it's why artists like Kanye West are revered. The skill to evolve yourself drastically from one project to another in ways that are eerily similar, yet completely different at the same time is the mark of someone who will find successes in the music world. And this is a skill that My Favorite Color holds onto tightly.

With a style as unique as his name, My Favorite Color first caught my eye as I searched for new artists to be featured on, Unseen Vision, our weekly series that exposes musicians under 1,000 followers to a new audience. However, after hitting play on his debut project, Go!, for the first time, I haven't been able to stop listening. The momentum built from that release was quickly followed up by his next single, "Scraper," which once again introduces us to another side of My Favorite Color and his production team, One800. As we eagerly await new material here at Contagion, we decided to reach out for an interview so check it out below.

The following interview has been edited for clarity.

We'll start with a little bit of background, how old are you and where are you from?

I'm 21 years old. I was born in Inglewood, CA, but I moved to Pittsburgh in 8th grade to be closer to my grandmother.

How did you start making music?

I was listening to music around the house all the time because my mom collected vinyl. She had a dope taste in music that rubbed off onto me. I started writing poetry when I was 12, and then when I was 16 I began recording to Lil Wayne "type" beats and J. Dilla instrumentals on my .MP3 player. It wasn't until I dropped out of college that I started recording real songs. 

Who were some of your mom’s favorites to play when you were a kid?

My mom listened to Maze, Sade, Erykah Badu, she even had the fucking Chronic. She was bumpin' it throughout the house constantly. You could watch my baby videos and hear Too Short asking us what his favorite word is. There's so many styles of music she played, it influenced me greatly. 

I love your name, how did "My Favorite Color" come to be?

I view music through color. For example, a sad song could be "blue," and a happy song "yellow." Once One800 (my production team) and I started making music together, it was a color I hadn't seen before, making it my favorite color by default. 

I know you can’t really describe a new color visually, but how does the color of your music make you feel?

Have you ever drunk drove and talked your way out of a D.U.I? Well yea, nothing like that. More like the party you were at right before you got pulled over. You didn't dance, but it was still fun. Oh! And that one girl who always ignored you in high school walked up to you at the party and said "I fuck with your music." It makes me feel like that. Sometimes I feel like Bow Wow when he still had the "Lil" in front, you know? Untouchable.

You recently released your debut project, Go!, can you tell us how that came together?

To really go in depth with that, I'd probably have to write an essay. But Go! was a year of One800 and I figuring out how to make music, ultimately leading to a 7 song project. None of us knew what we were doing and we sat in a garage (still where were work today) making song after song. If you enjoyed that EP, what's coming next will blow your fucking mind, dude.  

What would you say are your top five inspirations across any medium?

Quentin Tarantino movies, that "bloop" sound bricks make when you underhand throw them in water (something about it is so real), music that makes artists ask themselves, "Do I enjoy my own music?", my girlfriend (she's hella dope yo) and chicken with lemon pepper on it, but it has to be the right chicken though, real shit.

Any future work we should be on the lookout for?

YES ;)

Can we get some insider info on the new work??

We've gotten very experimental. A lot less rapping but A LOT more rapping, if you know what I mean. It's like a combination of Isaiah Rashad, John Mayor, Tom Morello, Tyler, The Creator, Saba, Too Short, Pinky the porn star (in 2007), the sound Floyd Mayweather's boxing gloves make when he punches punching bags, and Young Dolph. I guess, 'diverse' is the word. We'll be dropping more very soon.