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Unseen Vision


Unseen Vision

Jacob Blieu

Here we are. Another Friday and another batch of fresh talent for you to press play on and kick back. We pride ourselves on showcasing diversity here at Contagion Media, introducing people to fresh new talent from across a spectrum of sounds. And this time round should be no different. 

So here are three more artists under one thousand followers.


Followers: 940

Versatility is the name of the game. The ability to embody multiple traits as an artist in a new and fresh perspective, to create a new lane from nothing, that is the key to success and longevity as a musician in the internet era. My Favorite Color fits all of these categories to a tee. With a personality and style as eccentric as his name, My Favorite Color makes it impossible to pin down 'his sound' because that would put him in a box... My Favorite Color fits into no boxes.


Followers: 341

I issued a cry for new music today through Twitter and was happily surprised when my DM's blew up with people wanting me to give their tunes a listen. Among a lot of good music that just didn't quite pop out at me, and some... not so good music, was Kay Jay. With a reverbed style that immediately brings to mind memories of a foggy dream world, its easy to get lost in the sound he so carefully crafts. Not checking it out would be a disservice to yourself.


Followers: 223

Pat-Kanji, Pat-Kanji, Pat-Kanji. With one of my favorite projects of the year under his belt in the form of Lust or Love, and a positive attitude to rival even that of Lil Yachty, I don't have anything but good to say on his name. A talented singer who blends the line between Pop and R&B with ease and a strong ear for arrangement, seen clearly in the ordering of his own project and the alignment of features, Pat is a force to be watched closely in the year to come.