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Unseen Vision


Unseen Vision

Jacob Blieu

Welcome back to another week of our "Unseen Vision" series, the greatest thing to happen to the "I've been listening to them since..." crowd since DJBooth dropped their app. Another week and another four artists under 1,000 followers for you to sink your teeth into while they build their core fans up from the bottom.

Let's see what the internet has for us this time round.


Followers: 154

Satomaa channels that cool delivery as she bounces around her tracks. With a calm flow that boarders on full on melodic at points in her songs, Satomaa draws your attention with every bar and note that she hits along the way. Her videos are compelling while remaining simplistic, reflecting the vibe that I feel when listening to Satomaa's music and that is what forces me to share that because when she gets the ability to get more complex with videos and engineering, things are are going to pop off really fast.


Followers: 117

Canadian trio, MOUNT3ALL, will be on the radio very soon. The self proclaimed, genreless production team create perfect new wave R&B/Rap backdrops that I could see countless top tier rappers hopping on and feeling right at home. Time for OVO to wake up and pay attention to these guys, because sooner rather than later they'll have the placements they deserve.


Followers: 293

If you read all of our postings here at Contagion Media, then you've heard of SILVER before. A burgeoning pop star who is three steps from extreme success in the revitalized pop scene, SILVER is swinging for the fences. Her newest release, "Drinking Games," (recently added to Blieu's Playlist) blends elements of the traditional pop stylings found in Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande's music with the bedroom pop leanings of the younger crowd. Look for her next song, which could very well be the one that blows her up.