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Contagion Radio


Contagion Radio

Jacob Blieu

Welcome back to Contagion Radio!

We are back with another round of music from one of our many talented Contagion musicians. From EDM, to Indie, to Rap we've covered it all and want to share all of our hard work with you again. So let's dive into another great song.


One of the last songs made for my project, Watch the Sky Changing Colors, "BORN" ended up being the first single that I released. In the pocket of an infectious beat created by Irish production team, CRCL, I lay down verses that give listeners insight about my life and my personal drive for success. Tales of family, determination and self discovery are strewn across the hook and three verses of my tape's opening track.

Standout Lines:

"Now I see more than azul/ When I look up at the sky/ Make them see all of the clues/ When they say Blieu is the guy/ I don't really partake in booze/ I just love getting high/ Doing it without horseshoes/ Left the clovers out to dry"