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Unseen Vision


Unseen Vision

Jacob Blieu

Welcome back to another week of our "Unseen Vision" series, the greatest thing to happen to the "I've been listening to them since..." crowd since DJBooth dropped their app. Another week and another four artists under 1,000 followers for you to sink your teeth into while they build their core fans up from the bottom.

Let's see what the internet has for us this time round.


Followers: 719

Aeris Roves is a London based artist who finds himself at the crossroads of R&B, mainstream and bedroom pop while pushing through it all towards a sound of his own. Fresh off his latest release, "Feel Me," Aeris is another step closer towards reaching his fullest potential as a musician. Having been following Roves for a few months now, I've witnessed limited drops, but feel like with newest song Aeris is finally separating himself from  the packed music scene that England is experiencing.


Followers: 832

Fellow Englishmam Hi, My Name is Kasien reflects the other side of the expanding UK music scene. With a nearly menacing tone of voice and constant pounding production Kasien is sure to leave an imprint on the underground sound of Britain sooner rather than later. Understated rhymes and an increasingly liquid flow as his trademarks, I've been more and more excited to see what he has next for us following each new release and I bet you will too.


Followers: 104

Burgeoning pop artist, Jesse Saint John, is something a little different to the scene. His stylistic choices give a breathe of fresh air to a scene being revitalized by a wave of new musicians who are rejecting the pop stigma and embracing the genre with vigor. It's exciting to see where these artists will be able to take the sound going forward and Jesse Saint John is a great example of what it could very well become.


Followers: 996

My personal favorite artist to be featured on this series up to this point is experimental folk-hip hop artist, Nate Traveller. Nate's ability to balance ethereal, dreamlike melodies and calm, yet striking lyricism on production that feels like it's the perfect home to both styles at once is what will set him apart from other's in the Florida music scene as he continues to grow his brand. Even being so close to 1K followers, it was nearly impossible for me not to fit him on the list.