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Meet: T.Y.E


Meet: T.Y.E

Jacob Blieu

Two years.

That is how long it has been since Oak Cliff, Dallas native, T.Y.E, and long-time visual director, Dance Dailey, released the video for "Yerquaid," which begins as an introspective reflection on the mental health battles that have defined T.Y.E's life since early childhood. He flexes his vocal chops by opening up the six minute song with his deep, melancholic crooning developed through taking choir in high school as, "an easy class," and turning it into a full-ride scholarship to Abilene Christian University.

After a short voicemail from his mother, expressing her devotion to her son through any hardship, T.Y.E slams into the erupting production with his sudden bursts of sharp punctuating tales of hood life and depression.

This unique vocal delivery is explored further in the tracks, "La La Land" and "Unusual," which would take T.Y.E from neighborhood hero into the national discussion. His explosive raps following soulful melodies are the very backbones and where Yerquaid introduced us to the bashful man venting about his battles with bipolar disorder, Unusual is the violent raving of a man obsessed with opening your eyes to his reality. 

Shortly after, T.Y.E found himself linking up with POW Recordings, a Los Angeles based record label and home of rappers Charles Heston and TheOutfitTX. Under their banner, T.Y.E dropped hit after hit, with the likes of "Dimes," "Over" and "Eddie Murphy" with production handled almost solely by long time collaborator DZY.

All this was happening while T.Y.E continued to hone and perfect his unique delivery stylings over the course of dropping three projects: Tr:32 (Empty the Clip), 32 and Tr:32 (All About Money). One of which was released under the POW Recordings heading while the others were pushed from his own "32 Lifestyle" brand.

All of this tireless work and practicing led to the creation of two of his most well-crafted singles to date, "II" and "Voices", the latter of which splits T.Y.E into two of the voices constantly dueling amidst the conflict that exists within his mind. 

Whether it be combating depression, securing an imminent Brisk sponsorship or introducing all of hip-hop to a new type of artist from the Dallas, Oak Cliff area, T.Y.E has the talent and dedication needed to make it all possible.