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Blieu's Playlist: "bent" by $hy


Blieu's Playlist: "bent" by $hy

Jacob Blieu

$hy, a bubbling underground figure, is the next artist to be featured on my playlist because of the way he is taking the acoustic alt rap sound. His ability to evoke strong emotion through his music is what initially drew me towards his work. A personal inspiration to my own music, $hy is able to cross genres between emo rock and alternative rap effortlessly due to the emotive nature of his voice and lyrics.

His most recent release, which was produced by frequent underground producer, Jay Vee, is a great example of $hy's ability for songwriting. As he sings, "Memories keep haunting me/ Rock me until I fall asleep," his softer style of autotune provides a sad, yet soothing sonic landscape to get lost within.