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Unseen Vision


Unseen Vision

Jacob Blieu

Finding new music is one of my favorite things about life. It's why I spend a minimum of 6 hours a day digging through Soundcloud, HillyDilly, Discovr and every other music discovery app on the market; for that moment when I press play on something and see that spark of talent or the feeling of potential in an artist. And the second best moment? Sharing that music with other people and seeing someone find their new favorite artist.

In an era where "clout" and "cultural relevancy" have become the baselines for deciding which artists we embrace and share, it is important to remember that talent, not numbers, is what should be rewarded and put on display to be enjoyed. In an effort to make this the norm, welcome to Unseen Vision, a new weekly series that will spotlight four artists under 1K followers that show true talent and potential. Spanning all genres, boarders and boundaries we will find the hidden gems of the internet.


Followers: 37

This Canadian songstress is way more polished than her single track on Soundcloud would suggest. In a space uniquely her's, GLiTZ flows over the soft EDM production with complete control. Her voice exemplifies natural talent in an artist perfectly as she glides effortlessly throughout the track. Even though she is lacking in content, I sense great potential in her future as musician as she continues to hone her sound and overall aesthetic.

Standout Track: Glitz Haze

Angel Groove

Followers: 96

Moving. That's the word that I would use to describe Angel Groove, the "shy R&B" band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Their groovy and soothing sound gives us a track for every mood, whether that be wanting to dance our hearts out or kickback and smoke, making this group a good bet for future successes. The versatility and talent already being shown in their first release, Commercials, is very exciting to see so early on.

Standout Track: Patterns


Followers: 295

Elgin, Illinois native, Angrous, is all about keeping true to who he is, even going by his government name so there's no barrier between himself and his art. This rapper-producer takes a fresh approach to classic hip-hop with introspective lyricism and a stream of consciousness flow that feels almost confessional. While at times his delivery comes in a bit rough and his production is still evolving, Angrous is clearly growing as an artist.

Standout Track: Awkward


Followers: 392

Nu pop artist Carlile is fun. She's fun to listen to and her video series on Youtube is fun to watch, so what's not too like? She enjoys experimenting with her sound and is successful in most of her attempts, resulting in some really awesome music. Her voice is remarkable because it sounds something so completely her, making her brand all the more interesting. Coming from the talent hotbed that is Chicago, it's no surprise that influences from multiple genres can heard throughout her music.

Standout Track: Circus