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PHX Shuffle


PHX Shuffle

Jacob Blieu

Welcome to PHX Shuffle!

In this new series, I will be highlighting the talent that exists in my hometown. By shuffling through my Phoenix playlist and picking out three songs a week to share, we'll make everyone realize how much talent the valley has soon enough. It's time to shine a spotlight on the home to some of the future scene's brightest stars.

Let's explore the new landscape of music.

Cold Feet : Shrub head

Shrub Head delivered his debut album earlier this year with his February release of, Sorry 4 What?, through the Phoenix collective 20 POUNDS. His slowed down and punctuating delivery clicks perfectly into place over the KIN production on this tack, as he speaks his mind on not letting anything but ambition and a love of fun guide your life.


BLK LLAMA, a rapper from the the Phoenix based GUILD crew, specializes in hype music that guarantees heads will bop. FRAUDS is no different, as he finds himself on John Dust production that would be sure to create instant pits in any concert crowd, allowing BLK LLAMA to let his full energy loose.

Very Pretty : Splash Fuego

Bouncing onto the Malick Mcfly beat, Splash Fuego takes no time getting into his groove as he reminds us exactly how high his confidence is. Having fun as he carries us across the track, its hard not to vibe with him the whole way through. So kick back, light one up and enjoy.